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    Since we are just getting to know each other, here is a very important thing to know:


    With our emails, always click on the links that interest you.

    We have recently discovered that if we send exactly the same emails to all our hosts, we will not serve you in the best possible way since every host has different needs for WeChalet.

    That’s why we want to know more about your needs and for that, you’ll have to help us.

    When you are sent an email, sometimes you may be asked to reply to one of our messages. You can choose to do this if you wish, but the most important is when you ask to click on links that interest you in the emails that are sent to you.

    If something interests you or aligns with your tastes and needs, click on this link.

    Otherwise, skip it.

    That’s all!

    Over time, we will begin to learn more about what you love to better serve you through our emails. So to give you the best experience possible, be sure to open the emails you receive and click on the links that interest you. If the e-mail links do not seem interesting to you, you never have to click.

    It’s really that simple!

    If at any time you feel that our emails do not suit you, do not hesitate to unsubscribe but make sure you take the time to send us a message informing us of how we could improve our services if you ever opt for this choice.

    The truth is that we do not deserve to have you on our mailing list if we can not serve you in the best possible way.

    Now that all this is clear we have a special gift to thank you for your subscription to WeChalet.


    The hottest place to communicate with other WeChalet hosts is via our free community forum

    WeChalet is a new website that aims at helping hosts generate more rental income with their properties in nature and to better achieve our goal, with your help, we will build a community of hosts who have similar needs to yours.

    A community is a group of people around a common theme and where members share a certain culture, norms and values. The purpose of a community is also to help each other and provide support to better educate ourselves, which offers great value to all members.

    We are at the very beginning of this adventure and you can simply click here to join the host community forum.

    Access to the forum is totally free so do not hesitate to introduce yourself in the group. Please, take note that we are looking for respectful members so make sure to never spam the group.

    As we grow, our forum will become a great place to spend time online and get the best advice from real WeChalet hosts.

    Click here to access the forum for free and know that when you are logged in to your WeChalet account, you can access the community by clicking on the top right on your face where you will find a sub-menu “Forum / Community”.

    Thank you again for your subscription to WeChalet and the pleasure of crossing the forum!


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